Career Oriented Counselling

Many student who had brilliant academic back ground, has also lost their hope due to the wrong guidance from many agent. KBA is trying to fulfill this gap by providing specialized education and career counselling services. Our counselors are trained and have high level ethics. They will ask you many questions to find out your interest and advise you to study on your area of interest. Many of our previous student are happy and doing great .

Course Selection 

There are many courses available to international students. Students are struggling to find out the right courses. We help you to narrow down the course to fit your requirement and career goal. We will help you to match your academic background, skill, financial situation and your career goals to a course that would be most beneficial to you.

University Selection 

This is another challenging area for young student. The university you graduate from is an identity of your academic success for the rest of your life.  A top ranked university may not be good in an area you would like to study and may not fit with your financial situation.

Our qualified counselor will provide you the right information you need. They will recommend the best universities for you based on your career plan, interest and under your budget. We help you to contact our past students whom you can ask many questions before taking your decision.

Application Processing
Financial Advice

Our qualified staff will help you to lodge an error free application. Our qualified staffs help you with statement of purpose, reference letters which play a vital role to your application getting selected. Our staffs will follow up with universities and provide you an update on time.

We can provide you information on where to go to borrow education loan. We have the list of national banks where you could go and talk about education loan. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive financial guidance including accurate information on course fee, accommodation fee and cost of living. You may refer to the useful link section about cost of living in Australia.

Pre- Departure Assistance
Visa Guidance & Preparation guide for Interview

KBA help you to make the visa application process easier and hassle-free. We help you to sort your documents and ensure that they meet the standards required by Australian High Commission of the respective countries. 

KBA help you to complete your applications, preparing financial statements, and provide you guidance to make you ready for interview.

For most of you it may be the first time overseas visit and it could be very challenging. We provide you comprehensive guidance about ticketing, insurance, finding accommodation and other tips. We also help you on how you can start finding a job and make network with friends overseas.

Regular Information Session on Abroad Education 

We regularly organize events to provide students information about abroad study. Our event focused on courses, universities, faculty, student accommodation, job opportunities, visa options and financial support.
We provide information for higher education in Australia & New Zealand. Our session is very interactive and handy. Students could ask any questions  at the end of the session. Many students have already benefited from our previous session.

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